When in doubt…cook and write!

Oh 2020 , the year humanity will never forget. A virus that forced us to press pause, climate change showing us that nature’s balance will happen with or without us and streets full of hopeful and empowered people seeking for inevitable change and justice. Truth is, this year is putting everyone against the ropes but also it has given us the opportunity to amplify our view, where we are standing, what truly matters and what we really need.

Keeping a positive view in the year of chaos is not always easy, especially since we are far from our daily routines and our beloved ones. If you ask me , I would say this is the year of inner work and overviewed opportunities.

How is it like to be somewhere and nowhere at the same time?

As this is the first post I write , I’m going to give you a sneak peek of who is the person typing this words. I’m a content creator by profession and a storyteller by passion, I have created many things in my past for different industries but this is the first time I use my voice on my own terms without any measure or goal to meet than my own wish to share my view and hopefully valuable content with you, my reader.

About a year ago, I took the decision of making a huge change with my beloved husband. Every change comes with many challenges, at first I felt I was knocking them down so easily, little did I know life was about to put me in the corner completely on pause.

As many of you, I have a lot of my professional and personal projects completely delayed because of the Covid-19 and since I can’t do plenty of things at my new hometown I decided to roll up my sleeves and learn a little bit of everything .

One of the many things I have learned to love, admire and perfect is cooking. I have always been a foodie but I was always on-the-go and according to my early 20’s self , so busy to stop for a meal or sleep (not proud of that) so I never gave cooking a try…until now.

Cooking your way up until calmness comes

I have found that when everything is in chaos your kitchen and a recipe quiets the world. I get stressed really easily because I’m a perfectionist, that’s why giving up the thought of “what’s my next move” came as a heavenly gift during this uncertain times.

Just follow the instructions , take your time and enjoy your creation…ahh! How easy is that huh? Although cooking is a relieving experience, is also an empowering activity.

My journey with cooking started with the most simple recipes and then I started to level them up by finding out more cooking hacks, tools and my own signature taste. As a content creator I take a lot of pride on what I do, and take my word on this, succeed in the act of sharing your creation with your beloved ones is one of the most satisfying experiences in life.

If you are ready to make the most out of this times or even if you just want to explore l’art de cuisiner I got you covered.

Expect a lot of honest reviews on recipes I find on the web, hacks for lunches when you don’t have a microwave or time, honest reviews of food places and every now and then my secrets on fitness without strict dieting.

Welcome to my little piece of world.

See you in the next post.

Bon appétit,

Gourmet Cookie

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